About us 

B1NE Be 1"

Our story started with a dream to provide our customers with an A+ quality product in all aspects and in many varieties. Our products concern all family members and satisfy their needs and wants. Our studies were based on customers' needs while cooperating with major production facilities to bring our customers the quality they expect from our name. Our dream started becoming a reality when we started with help from major advanced facilities that have decades of experience in the field to give girth to B1ne in 2019 committing to only the highest product standards. Our motto is "Our goal is not only to provide products but to provide the highest standard of product to every consumer" 

We're only starting with our hair and skin product lines, we will continue until B1ne is 1"


Who we are

We are a team of investors and managers from different Middle Eastern and Turkish nationalities with decades of experience. 

We are collectively working to produce at the highest international standard.


What we can do ? looking for  private label new brands !

creating a new ideas and make it a life  we can design and develop new products  .

Our custom manufacturing services provide you with the freedom to dream big! Our team of expert technicians and experienced sourcing specialists will help you take your brand to the next level. You will have the freedom to choose your own custom components, personalize the cosmetics formulations to suit your client base, and design your own luxury packaging to showcase your image. We can turn your dreams into reality!

please feel free to contact us throw email with your project requirement and our team will be in touch with you asap . 


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